Twinned Poison 2nd PB+DVD / A Walk to Remeber

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Name TwinnedPoison
Subject 2nd PB+DVD [A WALK TO REMEMBER] 青涩年代 English Notice


Photobook: A4/All color/About 260p/Montblanc Paper/Soft Cover
DVD:3CD / DVD box
Photobook and DVD include undisclosed photos and videos of domestic schedules and oversea schedules of 2012.4-2015.3

2.Special gifts

Early deposit: A2 poster x3
Whole gift: TWO-SHOT BOOK(a4/101Page)/Pouch/Metal hand mirror with case/Photo Card set(30)/Post Card set/Note pad
Overseas : All gifts


Photobook+DVD=1set  (45USD)

1set : 45 USD + EMS fee
2sets : 90 USD + EMS fee
3sets : 135 USD + EMS fee
1set weight: 2KG


The whole date:2015.04.02 – 2015.05.31
Delivery: In late June or early July

5. Deposit account

PayPal account:

* If you use paypal, please add the paypal fee (4.3% of the total amount) or check the 'I will pay the fee' button.)
*After deposit, please send your deposit and shipping info on the with email.
*After confirming of deposit, we will write confirm E-mail. Please write an email address correctly.



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