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yll There are hundreds of ten thousand mineral crystal on Earth, but knowledgeable people know that they are the Urim and Thummim. At first, I did not know this place has produced Urim and Thummim This is a sage gave me a gift. "The boy said in the landscape, as if to walk beautiful eyebrows heart, Dai Xiu, Qingyuan, hazy, sentimental.Little snow Zen said: "people stupefied, do not go do anything, just feel a little long of something, this 'what' and the lure people spend sitting under a tree, take a long time meaning a person is not tired. and to be on this stretch of the apricot, blowing a flute to the dawn. "If you get a flute, and flute playing together, echoed each other, then there is a zither, and in this beaten in with, naturally do not have some charm.Amidst the Rain, also love misty, dream fly, people dream.Sleep sleep, sleep in the flower it. Wake up, wake up and take it. Heart, are pink, pink, white, and had discerned, it really is a flower, or people. Filled the air, all that is pink temptation jug of wine, drink thin drunk; a pot of tea products to sweet. Originally empty, it is a riot of color blooming all over. Stir hair is ah, that fly away from the people, ah, ah tears misty rain is love, the landscape is the lover's facial features ah ......Where to go, everywhere lover's facial features, full of Acacia misty rain, fluttered everywhere in the center. Walking in the spring, but this is a bunch of flowers, flowers and nothing came of that bundle. Between flowers and flower walking between flowers and flower sidewalks, that heart has long fly everywhere, and Tang Yun Song-like, full of all Red flowers.Liulv, pink, white apricot, pear tear. Breeze rain oblique Swallow, Asakusa warm sun go pedestrians. Look, all green become green sea, that bloom Yeah, became sea. Meditation monk-like, to the highest state - empty, that is the color. Everything has a charm, everything is flowing up. Spring, every pore of the earth are full of flowers, covered with green, where we can escape it?Since nowhere to run, better to turn a blind eye meditation under the trees and flowers, do not think do not want any flowers fly over his head, heart and lung Qinru floral, flowing into the blood vessels and into the bones, the cold, the body also exudes a faint Lengxiang. Subtle fragrance floating, heart, Ruoyouruowu. Love, ambiguous. Not as good as the best place downtown, look for an unmanned valley, built a wooden hut, a bluestone paved road, planted a yard full of the pink, apricot yellow feverfew, and people love good, alone worth mentioning, enjoy paradise the Seiitsu.Dusk. misty rain. Oblique eaves. Open volume of poetry, evoke a southern paper - that is how a southern it? Red tile, bridges, bluestone lane in the rain, deep in the
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