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## what is the best vape tank

We are living in an age where vaping has upgraded from a new trend to this overwhelmingly popular phenomenon with so many variables, options, and available choices be it equipment, E Liquids flavors or other details. So while it’s all fun and games, choosing the best option suited to one can be a challenging task.

For choosing the best vape tank, it is important to know the factors that account for the basis for the choices. The most important factors include affordability, resistance, rating, delivery, capacity and more. Apart from these factors, prior knowledge of the available technologies is also important. A large part of the tanks available in the market is sub-ohm tanks.
What is vape tank?
The foremost thing is to know what actually is a tank in vape devices. The tank is that component of vape that holds vape juice accompanied by the heating element. This tank is then screwed to the vape mod. The tanks are made of different materials like plastic, Pyrex or metal (stainless steel and anodized aluminum). The tanks are further categorized based on the wicks that these house as these too vary in terms of material.

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